Conversion to Judaism: Questions and Answers

On this website you will find thousands of questions and answers that will help you in your conversion process to Judaism. Facing a Beit Din creates a lot of tension, but if you have studied the answers to the questions that the rabbinic tribunal will ask you, you will have many more opportunities to pass the exam. They can ask you about Halacha, about Torah, about feasts, about Shabbat, about Jewish history or about Israel, about customs, about a myriad of topics that intersect with each other after more than three thousand years of Judaism. All these subjects you will find here perfectly classified. You also have three levels: basic, medium and advanced, so you can learn from the simplest to the most complicated.

In addition, as we know that each Beit Din is different, and the options vary from one country to another, on our website you can customize your questionnaires and even add questions from your country or region, so that nothing escapes you. The powerful search engine of the site will immediately put you in front of what you do not remember.

Questions and answers will be a great help in your conversion training and, above all, a complement to the lessons you receive from your Rabbi and the experiences you get from the community in which you have decided to integrate.